equine assisted therapy with Anna

An Equine Assisted Therapy session with Anna and the healing energy of the horses will help to facilitate change and resolve trauma while expanding emotional intelligence, spiritual growth and connection.  

Traditional ‘talk therapy’ only focuses on the thinking mind, encouraging the client to re-live stressful or traumatic events (which is kind of like throwing fuel on the fire in our nervous system).

The style of Equine Assisted Therapy practiced by Anna is based on somatic experiencing principals – a bottom up, mind-body approach that guides us into the felt sense of what lies beneath our ‘stories’.  By working with the body we can access the discordant energy stored deep within from a lifetime of pushing down discomfort.

We are conditioned to believe that we can think our way out of negative behaviours, self-limiting beliefs, mental health issues and trauma – neglecting the fundamental life energy in the physical body that animates and shapes who we are.

By connecting with nature, being present, grounded and feeling safe in the energy field of the horses, we can turn down the noise of thinking and go into the felt sense of where stress and and trauma are held in the body to allow it to shift and move.

Whether you would like to relax and hang out with the horses or pat and chat while absorbing their energy field… or if you’re ready to go deeper into the felt sense of stress and trauma held in the body to allow it to release, you will experience a greater heart coherence and sense of peace by simply being present with the horses.

After one session, clients have reported feeling lighter, less overwhelmed by emotions, more open and with greater capacity to flow freely with life.

“I feel good.  I feel calm, with some sort of peace.  I feel stronger and less sad.  I now feel sure I will be ok.”

“I’ve been crying or on the verge of tears for weeks.  Feeling so much lighter this afternoon.  Thank you.  Incredible.”

“There is a significant change in how my body feels and I feel much lighter and more relaxed.  So thank you very much.  And I’m kind of spun out how different I feel since yesterday.”

“I feel so much lighter… I feel so much clearer… it’s hard to describe but it’s a good feeling.  It’s such a strange thing to go from so heavy to so light.  I can’t thank you enough.”

If you would like to book an Equine Assisted Therapy session, call Anna on 0414 283 295 or fill in the form below with your availability or to request further information.

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