About Yoga Farm

Our family’s Passion Project during the 2020 lockdowns was to transform a rundown old farmhouse into a tranquil yoga studio.

It was a massive job but we chipped away and Yoga Farm was born as a space for the community to connect with nature and practice yoga.

The original offering was 2 yin yoga classes per week but Yoga Farm quickly became a magnet for gifted holistic healers who wanted to share their magic surrounded by nature.  Yoga Farm now offers yoga, meditation, equine therapy, sound healings, breathwork, workshops and a wide range of healing modalities (see wellbeing rooms tab for more info)

Below is a (very amateur) 3 minute video to show how our love, time and attention gave a derelict old house a second chance at life.  The energy is rising at Yoga Farm and just walking in the door will make you feel more grounded and peaceful.

About Anna Rimmer

Even though I failed every subject every year at school I could write volumes about the learning journey on this crazy ride called The School Of Life.   It’s been a roller coaster with dizzying highs and terrifying lows and at times I wanted to get off, but the ride has taught me the importance of connection, community, self awareness, self acceptance and being authentic.

I felt an overwhelming sense of chaos before I discovered yoga at 35.  Finding yoga felt like a lifeline that improved my life on every level.  The stillness of meditation strengthened my mind, which strengthened my resolve to become stronger in my body, which made me find appreciation and gratitude for my body, which strengthened my self acceptance, which strengthened my emotional wellbeing……

And life has continued to improve every time I get on the mat.  

Being diagnosed with ADD at 55 was the next big step toward finding peace and it was the final piece in the puzzle that highlighted why yoga practices have been so essential for my wellbeing. 

I am sharing this because I have first hand experience with mental health challenges, and I believe we are all suffering on some level with something… and shining a light on our mental health, owning it and being curious about ways to feel better is the first step towards finding peace.



School of Life – 1967-2023

600 hour/2 year diploma of yoga philosophy and yoga teacher training Dharma Yoga Health Centre – 2002

50 hour – Yin Consciousness Training with Mark Pheeley – 2019

25 hour – Yin & TCM training with Divine Journeys – 2021

25 hour – Yin & Myofascial Release with Warrior One – 2023

32 hour – Equine Assisted Therapy with Free Rein Australia – 2023

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