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Located on a rural property in Mt Duneed (between Geelong & Torquay), Yoga Farm is an intimate farmhouse yoga studio, equine therapy clinic & wellbeing center that feels like home where everyone is welcome.

Come for yoga,  equine assisted therapy, or experience a range of healing modalities with the holistic practitioners sharing space at Yoga Farm. 

It’s a pretty special place that supports your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing.

yoga farm classes & events

yin yoga and meditation – a series of floor-based, passive stretches practiced with a range of yoga props to support the body.  The meditative movement combined with conscious breathing will shift awareness from the thinking mind into the feeling body.   A physical practice that works on the deep yin layers to move stagnant energy, calm the mind and settle the nervous system.   Leave with a calm mind an open heart and more ease of motion.

equine assisted therapy – nature-based, somatic therapy assisted by the intuitive, healing energy of horses.  Bookings available from Feb 2024 for kids, teens & adults seeking support for mental health and emotional wellbeing.

healing sounds with yin yoga at Bancoora Inn – a 90 minute treat for body, mind, heart and soul at Bancoora In, a tranquil Japanese Inn located in Connewarre (10 mins from Torquay).  Josephine Lange and Lisa Singline (classically trained musicians) play healing, therapeutic instruments and sing blissfully throughout a grounding yin yoga practice, guided by Anna Rimmer. The meditative quality of yin yoga is enhanced by the vibrational sound energy that moves through the body to create physical and emotional shifts.

Breathe Again Workshop – a group breathwork immersion with Jacquelyn McCarthy from Surf Coast Breathwork to shift energy from the head to the heart to help reduce anxiety, improve mental clarity and find emotional release.  The immersion is followed by a grounding Yin Yoga practice to integrate the energy back into the physical body.  An experience that needs to be felt to be appreciated.

6 week intro to yin yoga – a structured 6 class yin yoga course,  to offer self awareness and self acceptance by focusing on different layers of self that the practice benefits.  A different theme each week – Breath, Body, Mind, Emotion, Energy, Spirit.  Suitable for complete beginners or for yogis who are keen to deepen their knowledge of the practice.  Date for next course TBC.


"Such a relaxing atmosphere, yin yoga is amazing for the mind and body. Anna is an amazing teacher. Having never done yoga before, at no time did I feel out of place or lost in the movement. Highly recommend."
Social Worker
"I feel truly blessed to have found your studio and I could have written an essay on how blown away I was with your class. The thing that won me over, was how good I felt, mind and body, the day after the class. My kids and husband have all commented to say how calm I seem - the benefits extend well beyond 75 minutes! You should be so proud of what you have achieved with yoga farm and them impact you are going to have on our community."
"Thanks so much Anna. My sleeping after your class is uninterrupted, a first since Covid started, so I am greatly appreciative of your classes."
"I absolutely love yin yoga with Anna as she has such a passion for sharing her love of the practice. The sessions are created to allow us to connect in, release the activity of the day and connect with ourselves, our breath and our body to make time and space for ourselves. To feel what our body has to share and to just ‘BE,’ no judgement or expectation, just to honour ourselves and what we can do on the mat each time."
"Along with the increased flexibility and calming of the mind, I am fortunate I can share my practice with my tradie teenage son who says it is helping with his stiff sore back after a hard day's work. Thank you Anna for sharing your passion of yoga with us."
small business owner
"Rest assured you will be in good space with Anna, online or in person. From being greeted, to being guided, Anna is a warm + inspirational teacher, on a mission to bring more mindfulness to our days + the world. Turn up as you are, whether a new or experienced practitioner of yoga, you will be taken care of. Expect to learn tools to support your practice + days, and in true Anna style, expect a few giggles before, after or during."
yoga studio manager
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