Full Day Retreat – Finding Purpose


This one day event is for you to embrace your transformation, to give yourself opportunity to release what’s holding you back from connecting with your purpose.  Combining Counselling Kinesiology techniques, Yin Yoga & Meditation, Sonja Leon and Anna Rimmer have created a holistic experience for body, mind and spirit.


Start the year with some positive inspiration and self care to help you connect with a more meaningful and purposeful life.

As we journey through the day we will be exploring what it is you really want to bring to the world and what’s stopping you from connecting with your purpose.

Combining Counselling Kinesiology, Yin Yoga & Meditation Sonja Leon and Anna Rimmer will introduce you to a range of techniques to shift whatever is holding you back.

Start the year clear and fresh and join us for a day that will set you on the path to the life you are here to lead.

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